International Purchasing Office

Sourcing from China is a proven way to save costs on both material and manufacturing. It can however be both complicated, time consuming and risky, especially if you lack the experience or don't have the time to spend on frequent visits to China.
With our IPO services we help you over bridge these challenges. Our staff has long experience in sourcing and international trade and we have time after time proven our ability to find the right product at the right price. With an IPO agreement with Esense International we become your dedicated International Purchasing Office in China. We help you with sourcing, sampling, sub-manufacturing, quality control and shipping. There are many benefits with this model.
• By assigning us as your dedicated purchasing office you narrow down your options to one easy to handle direct channel to China manufacturing.
• We know Chinese manufacturing and how to find the product that is right for you.
• You save both time and money by cutting down on sourcing trips to China.
• If your sourcing needs are big we dedicate the necessary staff to work exclusively with your account.
Our IPO business model is flexible to handle your specific IPO needs. Welcome to contact us for more information.